Teaching an Old woman to blog…

How many of you remember the old TV show “Bewitched”? Rather than adding copyright infringement to my woes by posting a picture from the show let me tell the younger generation that Samantha was a good witch that could twitch her nose and “poof” problem solved.

Sue and sandy

How I wish Samantha could twitch her nose and get this blog site up and running so I could get to the business of reading and reviewing!

It seems I have always needed a little help with things.

I remember my father beating his head against the wall when he tried to help me with basic Algebra.    “Why do you need to call things A or B or AB?  Why make it so hard…why do you have to mix up numbers and letters?”  Well.. that’s how I feel now about Slugs or Categories or Stickies or Widgets.

I feel like Alice falling down the rabbit hole.  Bear with me.  The only thing twitching right now is my right eye.

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