The Breaking Wave

In The Aftermath of the Tsunami…

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“In the first days after the wave swept Tamsin away, Christine thought they’d be able to locate a body to take back to New Zealand with them.”  

This 62 pg novella is a heart-breaking story you can’t stop reading.  It will haunt you.

Tsunamis have occurred in several parts of the world in the past few years.

ISBN: 1518671896 | 62 pages | CreateSpace Independent Publishing

ISBN: 1518671896 | 62 pages | CreateSpace Independent Publishing

Instantaneously news coverage flashes picture of the horrors left behind. From the vantage point of  safe and secure homes, those not affected feel sorry, perhaps send financial aid, but as soon as the next big news event takes center stage our attention drifts away.

Hayton’s novella takes us to Phuket, Thailand where a tsunami has recently wrought death and destruction.  Christine, Gary and Tamsin Emmett were staying in a rental cabin in Phuket at the time.

Gary had left on an errand and was not with his wife and daughter when it hit.  Gary and Christine survived and each found their way back to the rental home.  Their daughter, Tamsin, was swept away and has not been found dead or alive.

Gary and Christine search daily on foot, by bicycle and when possible by auto each day for clues about Tamsin.  Gary believes firmly that Tamsin is alive: Christine is still in shock and unable to concede either possibility.

This is a harsh book to read.  Nothing is sanitized for the viewing public.  The descriptions, while handled with care, are still graphic enough for the smells to affect you and the images of the death seared in your mind’s eye.

An unexpected conclusion will leave you emotionally sympathetic for anyone in this situation.

The end came too quickly, I yearned for more!  I would hope the author would expand this novella into a larger work.  Bring the characters alive with deeper personal background stories.  It has all the elements of a great work.

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