And so it begins in 2016

Itzey at fireplace

New Year’s Resolution.

2015 was not my favorite year for a variety of personal reasons; all trivial but aggravating.   In this new year, I hope to avoid stepping on a shovel and mashing my glasses into my face or falling off the deck steps and ripping out a few tendons in my right foot.  My friends will acknowledge these listed trivialities to be true but not unique to 2015.  I walk through life with one foot in trouble all the time.

Actually the down time from the ankle surgery has given me a head start on my goal of reading 100 books in 2016.  I don’t know if I will meet that challenge but it will be fun to look forward to trying to do it.

When I learned that I would be in semi-permanent timeout for a while, I decided to set up this blog.  It has been a blast.  Thankfully at this point I have few readers so my bumbling and miscues aren’t seen by the vast blogging universe.  Not that it matters in the scheme of things.

For the few readers that have stopped by in 2015, I hope you enjoyed my thoughts and reviews.  I would love to hear from you!  I have been thrilled to have many advance reader copies provided to me by my favorite publishers.  What new titles for 2016 have caught your attention?  I might have a copy in my to-read list and we can share our thoughts about them!

See you online!

Itzey’s Mom


January 23, 2016 · 12:29 pm

2 responses to “And so it begins in 2016

  1. I am going to try. Nothing ventured, nothing gained! LOL


  2. Ticky

    That is a stunning goal, Sue. I think about 20 would be more reasonable for me, especially since I have Ken Follett’s Fall of the Giants trilogy on my pending list.


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