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Covid-19 Matters

As I try to form my thoughts here, I am reminded of Ian Strachan’s children’s book –The Boy in the Bubble. I can’t be the only person on the globe that’s chafing at the bit to get their hair cut and a hug from my best friends. Ya, I know. I could do those things. But you see, I am of the opinion that a longer life with my family outweighs looking good for the funeral director.

I consider myself one of the lucky ones. I live isolated on Alec Mountain. The only people I see regularly are the mail carrier and the garbage pickup crew. About every 2-3 weeks, I mask up and head to the grocery store.

But I want to tell you that life as a hermit isn’t perfect. By nature, I am a worry wart. Have been for over seventy years.

In the mornings, when the weather permits, I build a tiny fire, plop my tush in my wooden glider, sip my morning coffee, and watch the sun rise. The birds are outrageously loud this year.  It makes me feel better to be outside. I look around and realize that the natural world is going on just fine in spite of the pandemic.

I have my concerns and worries just like everyone else. There are family members serving their communities in the health care field to worry about. My son lives in Germany and recently had a serious crash on his bicycle requiring surgery and I can’t go to see him. My sister is in an Atlanta area nursing home where many residents and staff have Covid and a fair number of residents have died. I am her trustee and have been handling complicated financial transactions on her behalf standing in front of drive-up bank windows; the last time in the rain.

So where am I going with all this? I have come to the conclusion that my brain has been stunned and I just can’t stop my mental wanderings long enough to write reviews for my blog. I still read. I have read some very fascinating new fiction – pickup a copy of The Book of Lost Friends  by Lisa Wingate. Stay tuned, I will be back in the near future.

In the meantime, I will tend my gardens and occasionally sneak to a secret camping spot on the Chattooga River for a restful overnight. Alec Mountain is a wonderful refuge and I have generous neighbors that have allowed me to establish a series of hiking trails on their properties.

My wildlife camera captures guests on those trails. Some delightful and others requiring some intervention. Imagine my surprise to recently capture images of an entire herd of cows that had broken loose from their pasture and some how climbed the mountain to enjoy my trails. Please stay safe. Things will get better.I am sure of that for a fact.

Back with you soon.

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Under The Influence…

Yesterday I went under the knife for minor knee surgery. Hard to believe that a snip, scrape, and stitch inside the knee with an arthroscopic Roto-Rooter can relieve that vise-grip pain behind my knee and down my calf.

operating-room-clipart_1500-1600.jpegI highly recommend checking it out if you are having pain! Don’t wait four months like I did – depriving myself of some good backpacking and hiking weather.

It seems I was Under-The-Influence of Self Delusion. No Pain-No Gain-No Maine. That means something to Appalachian Trail hikers. I should amend that to read No-Brain-No Gain-No-Pain.

Now I am recovering  with these gigantic self-inflating pads attached to both calves. (Blood clot averters) Every minute, one leg or the other inflates and deflates with a sound like my Keurig dispensing water.venapro As a matter of fact, this morning I waddled pain-free to my kitchen (thank you, Percocet), put my cup on the platform, slapped a coffee pod in the machine and not once but twice. checked to see if coffee filled my cup. Nope. Then I realized it was the sound of my left leg grinding away. I hadn’t selected a cup size.

I was Under-The-Influence of Sleeplessness. N0 Snooze-No Clues-No Brews.

As far as reading and reviewing for my blog, I have about 5 books started but just can’t seem to stay focused enough to finish them, let alone review them. They are good books and I owe the authors and their publishers reviews for the privilege of reading them in advance of publication.

As I lay here contemplating my navel and knee I think I have discovered my problem. I have been selecting the same type of book- narrative non-fiction or historical fiction with melancholy, war-time, or abusive coming-of age themes.

art-vector-cartoon-of-a-paranoid-woman-reading-the-newspaper-in-shock-krDULI-clipart.jpgI was Under-The-Influence of Social Anxiety. The political atmosphere nationally has soured my disposition and way-laid my mental ability to rise above the drama. What I need is Mental Peace and Quiet. So I had made a promise to myself. Less Screen-Less Screams-Less Bad Dreams.

I owe my blog readers to finish The Other Einstein by Marie BenedictI promised to make that title my first read of 2017. It isn’t that I am not liking the book- I really do– I just can’t get my mind to hold still. I have been reading a great number of books about women struggling to exist in a “man’s world”. See my review of Frontier Grit as an example. The future isn’t looking too bright for women at the moment in our country (let alone around the world). I need to re-trace back to that proverbial tuning fork in the road and change my reading direction to regain my positive vibes. Stay strong girlfriends!

So I have come to a decision that 2017 will be my year to read more amusing and lighthearted fiction for a while. Or some topic that doesn’t overlap with social unrest and divisiveness. That goes back to Less-Screen-Less Screams-Less Bad Dreams.

I am NOW Under-The-Influence of More Charming-No Harming-Less Alarming reads.

bookworm.jpgIf anyone has a recommendation for books like Man Called Ove, The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry, or The Snow Child send them my way.

Well, how about that -my right leg blowup pad is sounding like a tornado alert and flashing red so I guess it is time to recharge it. Thanks for taking time to read this mishmash if you have reached the end.  Pop pop. fizz fizz or what a relief it is- pain meds.

The End.




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